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Your own social platform to build talent pools

We create a whole new personalized candidate experience in the recruitment process. Based on their interest, candidates receive a personal timeline, direct access to new opportunities and apply easy.
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Create a meaningful connection with future employees

Create active talent pools

Deliver personalized content to future employees and trigger them to get into your talent pool. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you are, we make sure that the candidate knows what makes your organization so cool to work for!

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An innovative candidate profile

We facilitate candidates in making a profile that truly reflects all their talents. Tired of the traditional resume? Creating a moodboard, recording a video pitch and attaching your social profiles are all possible!

How does it work

Create a connection to your company

By offering candidates the possibility to follow your company, they receive content that is relevant to them in their own personal stream. This gives candidates a good overview of your company!

How does it work

Search for interesting profiles in your active talent pools

With a simple search function you can find the candidate that fits your job criteria. You can either directly message the candidate for a coffee or transfer them into your ATS.

How does it work
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“Through the YTF online platform, we connect students to interesting organizations. We do this by give students a profile of My Profile where they can present themselves in a modern way in organizations. We offer organizations the opportunity te easily build their own talent pool and share information in the form of vacancies and interesting news. As a result, students get in touch with organizations and help them find their dream job.”
Nick de LeeuwFounder Young Talent Factory
“Customer Digitalization demands changes in the way organizations sell. Think of Social Selling at the gun factor. Presenting yourself digitally is also importnat in your career. That’s why I think My Profile is a very handy tool that makes it very easy.”
Laura NuhaanPartner at The Andeta Group
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