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How Recruit can help your company?

Publish vacancies

After you uploaded your vacancy text you immediately get useful tips to improve your text. What is important to your target group in choosing a new employer and what terms of employment do they seek? In your vacancy text you will see right away what is good, what is missing and you will get suggestions for improvement. You can easily and quickly improve your job listings and recruitment texts.

Stay in contact

All applications that are made with Recruit will be saved. The data of the candidates who won’t get matched, will also be save for you. After posting a new vacancy in Recruit there will be a list of candidates who would be a good match.

No match yet?

If there is no match, you can expand the vacancy. Recruit helps you by analyzing where you can successfully deploy your vacancy. In addition, you can immediately schedule a campaign so that you can show the vacancy on the right jobboards and other channels.

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